Upload a region of your screen in three steps.

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    Press hotkey

    Press Ctrl-Shift-1 to begin taking a screenshot.
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    Select region

    Select a region of your screen to capture.
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    Press enter to upload and get a link to the image in your clipboard.


Uploads screenshots to imgur

Using imgur will mean that your images will be hosted on a reliable and fast image serving network.

Runs in system tray

Running in your system tray allows you to easily access additional features, settings, and more.

Quickly share links

As soon as your image is uploaded to imgur, a link is immedietly placed in your clipboard.

Hotkey support

Use global hotkeys to quickly access a variety of features no matter what application you're working in.

Save images locally

Saving images to a folder means your images are safe, even if the upload fails you will have the original so you can try again.

Remembers deletion links

By storing the link required to delete your image, you can delete anything you accidently uploaded or just don't want online anymore.

Runs best on Windows.

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